Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

Case Studies

Electricity North West

Electricity North West has migrated its locally-hosted Street Works Management solution to Symology’s Managed Service in order to gain a range of benefits. Electricity North West has migrated its locally-hosted Street Works Management solution to Symology’s Managed Service in order to gain a range of benefits. We talked to Deborah Marshall, New Roads and Street Works Act (NSWRA) Co-ordinator at Electricity North West, to get the background on the benefits of this move.

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk discuss their Customer Service Channel Shift project and how Symology helped.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) has recently changed how it enables customers to report highway concerns and then uses the information to assist with ordering repairs. The new system provides a web based mapping tool for customers to create reports which then automatically connects to Suffolk County Council’s key business software Insight.

The Insight software, the online highways reporting tool and the interface have been developed by Symology, who have worked in a close partnership with the council.

Conwy County Borough Council

Conwy discuss their implementation of Public Rights of Way within Symology's Insight system.

Conwy County Borough Council has been expanding the use of Symology’s Insight System across its infrastructure since 1998. The expansion of the Insight System is set to continue as Conwy looks at incorporating many additional features, such as recreational areas, tree management, gritting routes, tramways and cemeteries. One area that has moved into full operational use is Public Rights of Way – a significant milestone as it heralds full operational integration between Conwy’s departments.

Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council embraces Cloud based Symology Insight solution for Street Works and Gazetteer Maintenance

In December 2013 Gloucestershire County Council switched over to using Insight for their Traffic Management and Gazetteer Maintenance functions. This case study provides an overview of why they made the switch and how the implementation project went from the council's viewpoint.

North Yorkshire County Council

NYCC has recently integrated it's Lagan CRM system with Insight.

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has recently integrated its Customer Relations Management (CRM) and highway asset management systems as part of efforts to improve customer service, simplify and improve work flows, and achieve efficiencies by utilising modern web services-based technologies.

NYCC’s Lagan Frontline CRM solution, which is hosted in-house at NYCC, is now integrated with Symology’s Insight Enterprise Asset Management solution, which is hosted in the Cloud by Symology. Microsoft’s BizTalk middleware is used to provide a real-time two-way
information flow capability between the front and back office systems.

St. Helens MBC

St. Helens discuss how they have improved Street Works Noticing performance.

St. Helens discuss the work they have been doing to improve the Street Works Noticing performance of both Utilities and their own works contractors. They also discuss the forthcoming Merseyside Authorities Permit Scheme (MAPS).

Doncaster MBC

Doncaster implements an Integrated Insight solution which assists the Traffic Manager in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.

One of the most significant changes introduced by the Traffic Management Act 2004 was the requirement for Local Authorities to establish the position of ‘Traffic Manager’. At the same time, new requirements were introduced for Local Authorities to register their own works on the Street Works Register in accordance with all the same rules as those which Utilities have to abide by.

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) has taken these new duties in the spirit they were designed for and has developed a true network management capability based on a sophisticated integrated Insight solution which assists the Traffic Manager in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.


ScottishPower discuss the benefits of using Symology’s Insight On-line Managed Service for the management of Street/Road Works.

ScottishPower discuss the benefits of using Symology’s Insight On-line Managed Service for the management of Street/Road Works.

Conwy and Denbighshire

Conwy and Denbighshire - The UK’s First Cross-County Highways and Infrastructure Collaboration Solution

Early in 2008, both Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) and Denbighshire County Council (DCC) had a vacancy for Head of Service for their Highways and Infrastructure Departments.

The two councils decided on an innovative, collaborative approach that led to the appointment of a joint Head of Highways and Infrastructure in February 2009, the establishment of a joint cross county team, and the extension of the Symology Insight System, already in place in Conwy, to incorporate both counties requirements.

Rotherham MBC

Rotherham is projecting long-term efficiency savings thanks to features within Symology’s Insight for Pavement Management.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is projecting long-term efficiency savings after allocating an extra five million pounds of funding to its A-road network. The action was taken thanks to the condition projection and budget modelling features within Symology's Insight for Pavement Management solution.


Integrated Highway Asset Management System Delivers Profound Efficiency Savings

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council has achieved far reaching efficiency savings through the scale of their Symology infrastructure. The Insight suite of asset management solutions is now used across all relevant business areas at the council, enabling full operational integration between all highways functions. The result is streamlined processes, improved customer service and a huge array of everyday economies of scale.

Camden Council

Symology Licences Module provides unique Street Works Efficiencies at Camden Council

Camden Council has reduced systems complexity and the potential for error within its highway operations by adopting Symology's Insight Licences module.

Solihull MBC

Symology Mobile Device Software Brings Multiple Efficiency Savings To Solihull MBC

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council anticipates significant end-of-year efficiency savings after making all of its network inspection teams fully mobile. Leading the way with mobile devices, the council is showcasing the power of the technology and its capacity to revolutionise the role of inspectors, and thus improve service levels. This has been made possible through Symology's Insight Mobile solution.


Symology Customer Services Module enables Cambridgeshire Contact Centre Capability

Cambridgeshire County Council has reduced costs and improved service by centralising all customer contact in a dedicated call centre, with operators trained to field calls on most council issues.

National Grid

TMA - Meeting the Deadline

How a collaborative approach to working eased the transition to EToN 4 for National Grid, and provided benefits for the whole Street Works community.

Susiephone Ltd

The Scottish Road Works Register - Helping Avoid Disruption

For many years, the entire community of roads authorities and utilities in Scotland have co-operated in using a joint system, and benefited from a centralised register of road works activities.

The application of the latest GIS technologies has added further benefits, and is opening up the opportunities for a new era in the management and co-ordination of street works.

Not only can this provide improved efficiencies in utility and roads authority operations, but can significantly reduce the disruption impact on the travelling public.