Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

Business Areas

Symology's prime objective is to provide clients with the software, skills, and services, necessary for efficient management of assets.

The Insight suite provides a comprehensive solution for the management of infrastructure, including highways, structures, signs and public lighting, properties, grounds and open spaces. The systems are particularly relevant for local and central government, large property owners, energy and communication providers, and contractors operating on behalf of these organisations.

The key to success is the extensive blend of both business and software expertise, together with a unique development strategy. This enables the creation of a single product range with the flexibility to meet the full scope of differing user requirements. As a result, the software offers legendary reliability, powerful application of technology, and almost unbounded capability to cope with the ever-changing environment.

The scope of functionality accommodates all types of work from minor repairs, to major development or strategic improvement programmes. Most assets require routine inspection, condition survey, and maintenance, in order to avoid long-term deterioration. Some work requirements are generated from professional appraisals, others as a result of ad-hoc public reports or requests.

This combination of functions within a single integrated system, offers maximum benefit from collating all relevant data. It provides accuracy in condition assessment, cost analysis, and projection into the future. Optimum methods can be discerned for maximising long-term asset value at minimum cost.