Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

Company Profile

Formed in 1983, Symology is an Employee Owned company, which specialises in the development and supply of integrated asset management solutions to the Local Authority, Utility and Construction sectors.

Symology is the most successful supplier in the field, with highly specialised industry vision, a user-focused approach, and a 41-year history of supplying proven solutions.

Unlike competitors, Symology's policy has always been to focus resources on product development and service provision. Our reputation for offering the most powerful systems available, has ensured a steadily expanding base of highly satisfied customers, without the need to divert substantial resources into marketing and sales. An unblemished record of success, and consistent implementation within target timescales, has enabled competitive pricing to be combined with continuing profitability. The result is a Company with enviable financial resources and stability - the best guarantee for protection of customers' investment.

In today's world where image is often given greater prominence than substance, Symology bucks the trend. Comprehensive working solutions assist in streamlining business processes and creating real "best value" initiatives.

Symology's team of over 100 highly skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering services and solutions, based on a wealth of industry experience and the innovation of leading edge technologies.