Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

History & Track Record

In 2013, Symology Limited celebrated 30 years of providing integrated solutions for the management of infrastructure assets.

The Company has deliberately avoided the strains of unrealistic targets, but has achieved a steady, sustainable growth throughout its history, consistent with the objective of maintaining genuine product quality and value.

A large number of government authorities, service utilities, and civil engineering companies now use Symology's products on a day-to-day basis. Customers include the largest national operators, with hundreds of users concurrently accessing the systems.

Close relationships have been developed with all customers, from the smallest local authority through to the largest national utility in the UK. These relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, have formed the springboard for the continuous ongoing development of the products and services, in line with market aspirations.

The focus throughout has been on strategic development of products, not short-term opportunism. Consistent profitability and total financial independence have enabled unusually high levels of research and development investment, and augmented the long-term approach. Permanently employed, technical development staff boast a total of more than 450 years experience of software development, including 180 years in Symology Asset Management systems.

Customers have been insulated from the disruptive effects of quantum change, at the same time as fully harnessing the evolutionary potential of emerging technologies. The consequence is one of unrivalled success in the most important of all measures -

Customer Success and Satisfaction