Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

Mission Statement

Symology's mission is to deliver the most advanced infrastructure management solutions. This vision is matched in importance by the way it is achieved. "Integration, Innovation and Integrity" encapsulates our values and direction:

Asset Management standards and principles are now fully utilised by owners and maintainers of infrastructure assets. In adopting an Asset Management approach it is universally accepted that a fully integrated asset management software solution to manage and maintain the lifecycle of all assets is essential to the overall process. Symology welcomes this recognition, as Integration has always been a key foundation on which our product objectives are established. This is achieved by continuously eliciting the views of our customers and by keeping abreast of all relevant standards.

We are rightly assessed by the quality of our products and services. Continued evolution of technological advancement, combined with traditional values of quality and reliability, are critical to the prosperity of our clients.

Our reputation for innovation derives from employing people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination. We value our family of employees; they are essential to the success of our company. The development of long term trusting relationships with each employee, encouraging their contributions and personal development, will continue to be a cornerstone of our success.

Our goal is to be recognised as a high quality, and totally trustworthy, company. We operate at all times in a fair and ethical manner, consistent with mutual trust and respect. Suppliers are viewed as an extension of our company; we offer the prospect of secure, long-term relationships, expecting them to embrace the Symology ethics of trust and honesty.

Many companies rely on the small print of contracts to limit their liability when failing to match up to images. Symology believes it is our responsibility to ensure that the products we deliver fully achieve the expectation levels we establish.