Symology Infrastructure Asset Management Systems


Michael White Street Works Manager
Lancashire County Council

Considering that a data migration exercise from our previous supplier was required as part of the process it was remarkable how quickly and smoothly the implementation went. The attention to detail throughout the process was first class, and the Symology team responded very quickly to any queries or issues raised. It really was a superb joint effort between all parties involved.

Phil Cameron Traffic Manager
Gloucestershire County Council

With EToN 6 and a new Highways Contract coming into force in April 2014, we were keen to extricate our Street Works Traffic Management system from the County’s Asset Management system. This lead to us carrying out a thorough review of all of the Street Works systems on the market and it was quite clear from this that Symology’s Insight system was the outstanding candidate.

The switch-over project has happened quickly and relatively smoothly, considering that a data migration exercise from our previous supplier was also required, and we have developed a fantastic relationship with Symology’s Implementation and Managed Services team. We now look forward to the introduction of EToN 6 with full confidence, in the knowledge that we have a comprehensive Street Works management system in place that will enable us to proactively manage our Network.

Julie Lloyd Office Manager
Dee Valley Water Plc

With EToN 6 on the immediate horizon, we were keen to switch to Symology’s Insight solution given its pre-eminence in Street Works. We also wanted a solution that would remove all of the ongoing technical and gazetteer management aspects that arise from a locally hosted solution. By switching to Symology’s cloud-based solution, we will always have a fast up-to-date system, and we no longer need to worry about technical maintenance issues. We can now simply log-on and use the system to carry out our daily operations. With the EToN 6 deadline fast approaching we required a quick switch-over to another supplier, including a data migration of our existing data. From the time of placing an order with Symology we were live within 6 weeks! The switch-over process was relatively smooth and Symology’s team have worked very closely with us during this period of transition. We now look forward to the introduction of EToN 6 with extreme confidence.

Graeme Lake Team Manager Inspection & Enforcement
East Sussex County Council

With both EToN 6 and the South of England Permit Scheme on the immediate horizon, it was vital to ESCC that we selected a company that is fully committed to being at the forefront in terms of meeting Street Works requirements. With deadlines fast approaching we needed a quick switch-over to another supplier, and we were concerned about the time it would take to go through a formal OJEU process. The fact that we could avoid this by procuring Symology’s Insight for Street Works solution via the G-Cloud was a huge help and benefit to us. The switch-over process has happened quickly and relatively smoothly, considering that a data migration process was also required, and we have developed an excellent relationship with Symology. We now look forward to the introduction of EToN 6 and the new permit scheme with confidence.

Mark Beasley Head of Planned Interventions
Transport for London

The Mayor and TfL’s overall approach to reducing the impact of road works has led to a number of measures on the TLRN to reduce road works disruption, including the implementation of LoPS in January 2010 and TLRS which went live in June 2012. It’s vital to the future operation of these schemes that we selected a technology partner able to help us effectively manage the existing initiatives and implement any future developments as required. Symology put forward a superb proposal and we’re looking forward to working with them.

David Hytch Information and Systems Director
Transport for Greater Manchester

We are delighted that GMRAPS is now live and we are confident that it will significantly improve our ability to coordinate works and reduce the impact of road works for all road users. The fact that GMRAPS is a joint permitting scheme introduced a number of significant challenges, including the requirement for the software system to be able to operate in a number of different ways dependant on whether the Local Authorities wished to receive copy notices to local systems or operate directly on the central system. It is testament to the flexibility of Symology’s Insight system that we have been able to meet all of these requirements and overcome all of the challenges that have been presented. We have established an excellent relationship with both Symology and all the Local Authorities throughout the implementation process and we look forward to a successful ongoing relationship with them all.

Ian Hughes Assistant Highways Director
City of London Corporation

The City has significant volumes of ongoing highway activities - such as street works, highway schemes, building sites, scaffolds & hoardings, special events and parking dispensations - concentrated into a tight-fitting and inter-dependent street network. We were looking for a system to assist us in managing these activities in order to help us minimise disruption to traffic and our businesses, residents and visitors, and thereby to deliver our Network Management Duty. Symology put forward an excellent proposal, giving us the confidence that they have the software and expertise to assist us in achieving our aims.

Mr Ruadhrai O'Kane Excavation and Reinstatement Contract Manager
Northern Ireland Electricity

We had already gained confidence in Symology as a company during the successful implementation of the centralised Northern Ireland Street Works system. What impressed us was the overall design of the Insight system which meant it was an elegant fit to our overall IT architecture.  Symology was also willing to listen and understand our business processes, and provide analysis and guidance regarding the best method of implementation.

Historically, NIE has operated using a paper-based approach within the Excavation and Reinstatement Contract, which involved manually issuing work packs and receiving paper invoices. Monitoring the contracts was achieved by updating a series of disparate spreadsheets. With the new system we hope to save considerable time manually keying in data and significantly reduce the amount of paper we use. Furthermore the alerting and reporting facilities will allow us to carefully monitor our expenditure and more easily track defects and remedial activities.

Stephen Finley Assessment and Design Senior Engineer
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

At the time, we chose Symology because its software was the best on the market and, as far as I'm concerned, it still is. It is extremely reliable and the company always keeps up to date with legislative changes, new codes of practice and the latest UKPMS rule-sets. They are also always ready to listen to our needs and if required develop further functionality.

I've been most impressed by their personal involvement with us as an Authority. They're approachable and listen to what you've got to say. Technical support is great and someone is always available to assist with any problems.

Roger Howard Street Works Team Leader
West Sussex County Council

Symology's selection was as a direct result of the confidence we gained in the company during the procurement process. What really stood out was Symology's detailed level of understanding of Street Works legislation, the impact of the legislation on Authorities and Utilities alike, backed by a fully comprehensive product in "Insight", which mirrored the obvious high level of expertise. We are delighted that our initial confidence was well founded, the implementation of the system was carried out smoothly and we now have a Street Works Management system in place which enables us to carry out our duties under the TMA more effectively.

Doug Huzzard Highways Asset Manager
North Yorkshire County Council

In this era of Asset and Traffic Management we recognised the importance of establishing an integrated system to manage all Highway based assets, co-ordinate both Utility and Highway Authority works, manage customer service issues, and help streamline our business processes'.

We have operated a range of different systems, each unable to talk to the other, which, whilst still effectively serving the purpose, became increasingly inefficient in the face of such issues as TMA Legislation, NSG Requirements, Asset Management and Asset Valuation guidance documents,  Well Lit Highways guidance, Bridges/Structures guidance and UKPMS requirements. With Symology, we expect to run a seamless and highly efficient asset management operation across the county, delivering on current and future traffic and asset management directives and ultimately more effectively serving the people of North Yorkshire.

Pauline Mousley IT Services Manager
Portsmouth Water

We were impressed with the way Symology's Street Works system operated and the provision of a fully documented Universal Interface will significantly reduce the development of the link with our Works Management System. We received very positive feedback from the Insight Customers we contacted, even those Symology had not suggested. We are confident that Symology will deliver a system that fully complies with the TMA in time.

Les Guest Street Works Policy Manager and Director of NJUG
National Grid

National Grid always aims to be at the forefront in implementing systems to ensure compliance with legislation. Given the almost impossible timescales for introduction of TMA, we are delighted that we are able to start noticing trials in co-operation with Symology at this early stage.

Tracy Jones Network Asset Manager

In Scotland the group are members of the Susiephone community, which uses the central Insight register to record and monitor all Road Works in a service provided and managed by Symology. For our growing operation in England and Wales we needed a cost effective solution that will provide the full facility of a Street Works system and enable us to deliver the best possible service, both to our customers and the general public. Symology’s "Pay-per-Works" service fits the bill perfectly; it has all the features we were looking for plus a proven track record in Scotland. A single course at Symology’s offices fulfilled our training needs, and we can see a clear growth path for the service as our business expands.

Mr Steve Thomas Network Support Manager
Northern Gas Networks Ltd

What has impressed us about Symology is their breadth of knowledge and expertise both from a business perspective and in their understanding of the complex IT issues involved in this project. Overall NGN needed to get the new business up and running by migrating data and business processes from thirty seven old National Grid systems onto seven new systems of our own. To implement these systems and successfully integrate Insight with SAP and AMT Sybex was a huge challenge. The migration of the existing data and the launch of Insight 2.3 has been a great success. With the Insight system in place and further regulatory change around the corner (in the form of the forthcoming new Codes of Practice) we are confident, that in Symology, we have the ideal partner to allow us to approach these future changes with confidence.

Peter Peart Operations Engineer
ES Pipelines

We do a relatively small number of works each year in England & Wales and could not justify the cost of purchasing and administering a Street Works System ourselves. This managed service provides us with a cost effective and fully compliant Street Works solution, at a reasonable cost but without the hassle of system administration, or worries about changes to the Code of Practice. We are already using Insight in Scotland so it made sense to use the same system in England & Wales. It is clear that Symology's staff have in-depth knowledge of Street Works legislation and understand our business processes.

Ian Hucker Project Manager
National Grid

National Grid always aims to be at the forefront in implementing systems to ensure compliance with legislation. Symology's open approach, and willingness to share all the intimate product information with us at the earliest stage, provided the potential for a very productive project. It enabled us both to validate our technical approach, and plan our business procedures at an earlier stage than would otherwise have been possible. Only in this way were we able to overcome the significant time constraints and have our systems ready on time, ensuring that National Grid were compliant with the new legislation from Day 1.

Phil Clothier IT Project Manager
Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water

Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water PLC is delighted to be one of the first organisations in the country to have a full TMA compliant system up and running. With the introduction of EToN 4 on 1 April and Fixed Penalty Notices from the 12 May, it was crucial to us that we had a comprehensive solution in place to ensure that we comply with the requirements and to minimise our FPN liability. We have been using Symology's systems for a number of years and every time there has been a change in legislation, they have consistently delivered systems on time with appropriate training and documentation.