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CIPFA / HAMFIG Carriageway and Footways Valuation (Whole Government Accounting)
A Carriageway / Footway valuation will be undertaken using the Authorities condition data and associated network to produce the Automatic passes required to calculate the CIPFA / HAMFIG Accumulated Annual Depreciation Reports as defined in the Technical Note 46 Pt1 and Pt2.

The Valuations are compliant to the Transport Infrastructure Assets Code of Practice and corresponding Technical Notes for Auditing Purposes.

Core Reporting (Single data list)
These reports will be processed using Insight’s UKPMS Accredited Software. The statutory reporting is part of the functionality health checked annually and adheres to the Technical Notes as stated in the PCIS website.

  • 130-01 SCANNER A Roads (NI168)
  • 130-02 SCANNER B/C Roads (NI169)
  • 130-03 SCRIM All Roads

Ancillary Reports
The reports listed below are designed to assist the Engineer / Asset Manager on making the best decision for maintenance around the Network. Many of the outputs are mapping based and can target specific Defects if required. Please define in the “Other” section of the form if you have any specific requirements to be met.

  • BV224b Unclassified Roads – Condition Indicator
  • BV187 Footways 1A/1/2 – Condition Indicator
  • Red/Amber/Green Result Maps
  • Observation Maps
  • Prioritised Recommended Treatment Lists
  • Survey Coverage Reports
  • Consultancy Services to interpret reports
  • SCRIM result mapping and SCRIM Network Threshold Mapping

Please access this Link for the Carriageway / Footway Bureau Services Questionnaire



Structures Asset Valuation
Insight provides the facilities to calculate the Gross Replacement Cost and the Depreciated Replacement Costs of the Bridge Stock as well as utilising the Life Cycle Planning functionality to assist in forecasting your maintenance programme. If the Authority requires BCI values to be calculated or produce a Structures Valuation to the corresponding Transport Infrastructure Assets Code of Practice the bureau services will be able to complete these activities for you.

  • Bridges Condition Indicator
  • Structures Gross Replacement Cost
  • Structures Depreciated Replacement Cost

The Condition Indicators, Gross Replacement Costs and Depreciated Replacement Costs can also be calculated for Retaining Walls and Signal Gantry Assets

The above indicators, output into a spreadsheet displaying the CI Output, CI Critical Graph, CI Average Graph and CI Average Pie charts.

Please access this Link for the Structures Bureau Services Questionnaire

Street Lighting

Street Lighting

Lighting Traffic Management and Traffic Management
CIPFA / HAMFIG Asset Valuation for lighting, traffic management systems and street furniture are included as part of the WGA submission. Whilst these assets are considered small in their contribution they are still considered important to include.

  • Gross Replacement Cost - Lighting
  • Depreciated Replacement Cost - Lighting
  • GIS mapping layer identifying Lighting Condition RAG symbology
  • GIS mapping layer identifying Electrical inspection and testing completed
  • GIS mapping layer identifying planned / completed Structural testing
  • Consultancy Services to interpret reports

Please access this Link for the Lighting Bureau Services Questionnaire