Our name, Symology

Our company name represents our core values. Symology is derived from Greek affixes, when combined meaning “the science of empathy and understanding”.

Advancing Infrastructure Management

This is our mission, it’s our tagline, and part of our identity. We are continually striving to improve in every way possible.

Our Mission

To provide first choice cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management software solutions and services for Local Authorities, Statutory Undertakers and Contractors working on their behalf.

To operate for the benefit of Customers and Employees and provide an environment that ensures the retention of Customers and Employees, whilst enabling new business opportunities to be explored.

The Company trusts its Employees to use their best endeavours and judgement to make Symology successful.

The four i’s

In earlier years we used three i’s as our tagline, these guiding words and principles still hold true:

  • INNOVATION – We innovate to continually improve the functionality and efficiency of what we deliver.

  • INTEGRATION – Our products and services integrate into a coherent package with a clear vision.
  • INTEGRITY – We conduct business in an ethical manner which customers and employees can be proud of.

In 2014, majority ownership was transferred into an Employee Ownership Trust. As we became employee owned, we added another i:

  • INVOLVEMENT – Our employees work together collaboratively and contribute to the Company’s success.

Our Products, Our Services, Our Reputation

We are rightly assessed by the quality of our products and services. Our strategy of continued investment has resulted in the Aurora platform, which allows us to remain at the forefront of our industry for many years to come.

We are proud of our achievements for our community of customers, and we enjoy a reputation which reflects the principles set out above. Our customers view us as their trusted experts, who are easy and enjoyable to work with.

We value our family of employees; they are essential to the success of our company. Now we have become an employee owned company, more so than ever. Our reputation for innovation derives from employing people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination.

We take pride in operating in a fair and ethical manner. We all know of companies who rely on contractual small print to limit their liability when they fail to match up to their promises, we believe in our responsibility to match up to ours.

Key dates from our history

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