Integrated Asset Management

State of the art, tailored solutions for highways, land and property, bridges and structures, public lighting, distribution networks, and so much more

Who are Symology?

Learn about our history, who we are now, and how this makes all the difference

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Aurora Spotlight

Why do Street Works customers turn to Symology in 2024?

The Street Manager project has introduced significant change, yet our dedicated solutions remain as important as ever. Symology continue to innovate in the key areas that matter for authorities and promoters alike:

  • Quick and simple data entry

  • Retention of historic data

  • Mobile working

  • Reduce costs, including FPNs

  • Extensive reporting tools

  • Manage Contractor operations

Company Spotlight

Proud to be an Employee Owned Company

Our founding independent principles were established in 1983, we are now thriving as an Employee Owned Company since 2014

The Road to Net Zero

We are targeting Net Zero by 2050, and taking action now, ensuring we consider the environment with every decision