Aurora is not just for Street Works

The last twelve months has been an extremely busy one for Symology customers who have been upgrading from Insight to Aurora. Indeed, 74 customers in total are now operating live with Aurora, with 73 of these admittedly being Authority and Utility Street Works customers.

The difference between those two numbers is North Yorkshire Council, who went live as the very first Aurora Enterprise customer on 2nd April. North Yorkshire Council have been a Symology customer since 2011 and were comprehensive users of Insight. So, when the opportunity came about for them to work closely with Symology in being the early adopter of Aurora Enterprise, it was considered the right time to take the plunge.

For most Councils, particularly of North Yorkshire’s size, any project of this size can be daunting due to the risk of disruption to the business and its subsequent highways service delivery. For North Yorkshire, these risks were mitigated throughout the project by Symology and were far outweighed by the benefits Aurora would realise. 

“Symology have been brilliant. We’ve all rolled our sleeves up and delivered a successful project that we can all be proud of. Aurora is just great. I’ve worked with Insight for many years and whilst there is some familiarity, there’s really no comparison. Not only does Aurora meet our existing requirements, but it also provides us the opportunity to consider migrating other services within the Environment directorate for even greater efficiencies as part of the transformational phase of the Local Government Reorganisation.”

Annette Shepherd, North Yorkshire Council, Systems Development Officer, Asset, Transport & Environment.

In addition to Street Works, the implementation included;

  • Asset Management
  • Customer Service Requests (including Lagan integration)
  • Works Management and Works Ordering
  • Street Lighting
  • Licences
  • Safety Inspections
  • UKPMS/Asset Valuation
  • Gazetteer Maintenance
  • Aurora Mobile App
  • A host of reporting and integration requirements
  • Aurora Training Academy

Aurora’s appeal was clear. A future proof solution that fit in perfectly with the Council’s digital transformation strategy, providing the long-term stability and resilience required with the capacity for a more agile development approach. Built from scratch, from the ground up, using the very latest technologies, Aurora retains many of the best features from Insight whilst building in new many new features and innovations. In many ways, this implementation is just the start.

“Every project needs a champion and Annette is definitely that. Both she, and North Yorkshire really are paving the way for other members of the Symology community during this really exciting period. Some might think it has been a long time in the making, but as they say, good things come to those who wait, and it certainly seems, based on the feedback we’ve had to date, that Aurora is really hitting the right chord across our customers. I’m delighted to be able to officially declare the Aurora Enterprise flood gates open, thanks to North Yorkshire”

Stuart Marshall, Sales & Marketing Manager, Symology Ltd
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