Why use Aurora Pay-Per-Works?

As a leading supplier of Street Works solutions in the UK, Symology recognises that organisations of differing sizes have different requirements.

Our Pay-Per-Works solution provides promoter and contractor organisations access to our powerful features, with a more favourable pricing model.

This option may suit those with a simple requirement raising fewer permits per annum.

Do you want a solution that is managed and updated by the UK’s leading Street Works software supplier?

Aurora Pay-Per-Works is managed and maintained by Symology, inclusive of software upgrades and monthly Gazetteer loads, leaving you time to concentrate on raising Street Works permits.

Do you want to record your works quickly and simply to maximise output?

Recording permit applications to submit to the Local Authorities is a key component of Street Works operation. Aurora Pay-Per-Works offers facilities for simplified data entry through minimisation of keystrokes and mouse clicks in addition to works templates with defaulted fields. Entering works quickly and simply is paramount to efficient working practices, making sure that permit applications are raised correctly so that work can begin on site in the agreed timescales.

Do you want accurate plotting of works with simplified reinstatement recording tools?

Provision of web-based mapping for all users facilitates accurate works plotting where standard mapping tools enable recording of point, lines or polygons and use of zoom extents. Map layers are provided using OS MasterMap or OS Open Data, dependent on organisation licensing, alongside Google Street View integration for detailed street information. Site reinstatements can be simply plotted using a pre-drawn polygon based on dimensions to streamline the registration process.

Do you want to minimise potential charges from Local Authorities?

Street Works legislation and associated Codes of Practice determine the information required in permits in addition to the timeframes in which they are submitted. Comprehensive validation messages provide warnings to users indicating whether they are operating in line with legislation offering chance to change an application prior to submission, thus minimising potential FPNs.

Progression of works in the correct timescales via lifecycle monitoring tools can mitigate Local Authority fines, which is facilitated via Aurora’s reporting options.

Do you want access to your data in a variety of formats?

Vast reporting options are included in Aurora Pay-Per-Works to access your data in the most appropriate format with no requirement for special querying skills.

Standard, out-of-the-box dashboards using an extensive widget library offer reporting across your service area, including lifecycle monitoring to ensure works progression. Report on works, inspections, comments in Aurora through a wide range of enquiries and parameters with column selection, highlighting, filtering, sorting and grouping tools available to all users. Export data manually or via scheduled processes for use in external applications or distributing to key stakeholders.

What does the solution include?

Works Promotion – Create permitting works quickly and efficiently in any Local Authority Area in England with minimal steps.

National Street Gazetteer – Visibility of a full National Street Gazetteer managed and maintained by Symology.

Mapping – View and plot works via ESRI true web-based mapping with Google Street View integration.

Street Manager Integration – Send works to Street Manager via a Symology developed API for assessment by Local Authorities.

Attachments – Add photographs and drawings directly to works using a drag and drop method.

Implementation by Symology – Access to an out-of-the-box Street Works solution, operating in line with best practice, following efficient implementation from Symology.

Solution Management and Maintenance – Assurance of system maintenance and availability from a highly experienced Street Works supplier, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Upgrades – Inclusion of software upgrades in line with legislation changes, including Street Manager compatibility.

Helpdesk and Support – Provision of telephone and email support from a UK-based Helpdesk in addition to access to Subject Matter Experts.

Training – Comprehensive training options to suit skills, timescales and location, including remote and on-site courses.

Who is it for?

Aurora Pay-Per-Works is a Street Works solution for Statutory Undertakers or their Contractors to submit permit applications to Local Authorities in England. Where Section 50 applications are not appropriate, Pay-Per-Works can be used to electronically send permit applications to Local Authorities via Street Manager and manage them through the lifecycle to completion. Pay-Per-Works is best suited to those organisations raising an average of approximately 100 works a month.

The solution can be used by Statutory Undertakers or Contractors working on their behalf through a valid Street Works Act (SWA) Code. Current Symology Pay-Per-Works customers include Utility organisations, such as energy and water, Telecommunications companies, and their contractors.

Only paying for the works that are promoted, this solution offers flexibility to organisations with changeable amounts of works, whilst not compromising on quality.

How do I get Aurora Pay-Per-Works?

For more information about the Pay-Per-Works solution, please contact us on 0808 196 8693 or email us at sales@symology.co.uk.

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